Panel of experts 2: Mapping transformation pathways for the Circular Economy in Ukraine

The Panel of experts was organized in Kyiv on 24 January 2024 in a hybrid format as part of the four-stage foresight exercise under the EU-funded EU4Environment Action.

During the meeting, the experts actively discussed the CE transformation pathways, explored connections between visions and pathways for the future development of CE in Ukraine, and defined the roles and actions of key stakeholders as the main agents of changes. In interactive groups, participants discussed the implications, barriers, and enablers for key product value chains, such as waste management, packaging, construction materials, electronics, textiles, and food.

The meeting brought together over 50 international and national participants (65% women), including high-level experts and representatives from government, academia, business, civil society, and creative sector, who made an important contribution to the CE future development in Ukraine.

For the CE strategic foresight, two Panels of Experts and two online surveys were conducted, with the main goals being the exploration of the potential of Circular Economy in Ukraine and development of proposals for future action.

The “Exploratory Strategic Foresight for the Circular Economy in Ukraine” activity is managed by UNIDO under the EU-funded EU4Environment Action, with additional funding from the German Government (BMZ). The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre is the national implementing partner of UNIDO in Ukraine.

More information about the Exploratory Strategic Foresightforesight is available at

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