Training on the Green Economy transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries

UNEP, one of the EU4Environment implementing partners, and the UN agency UNITAR, are providing a tailored training for civil servants in key Ministries relevant to the Green Economy transition in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. The training aims to build civil servants’ capacities in reviewing, analysing and integrating Sustainable consumption and production/Green Economy approaches into existing and planned policies/strategies, both at national and sectoral levels. The training will contribute to delivery of the EU4Environment activity on “Survey and large-scale training of public sector employees”, and also will enable civil servants to deliver on another activity: “Fitness tests/analyses of Green Economy policy documents and policy proposals”. The course is presented as an online webinar over 8 weeks which started in mid-February. It covers diverse subjects and policy mechanisms, based on the identified needs of staff in line ministries and public administration. 56 participants from key institutional bodies in the EaP countries enrolled for this course.

In parallel, UNEP is also launching a series of introductory courses on the Green Economy concept, that is open to a wider, non-technical public. The Ukrainian and Romanian versions of the course have already been launched. The remaining 4 languages are awaiting for their finalisation.


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