New regulation on eco-labelling in Moldova

Products and services with a low environmental impact will be promoted through a voluntary eco-labelling scheme. A decision to this effect has been approved by the Executive at the initiative of the Ministry of Environment.

The application of the eco-label will ensure that consumers are informed about the quality of the products and will contribute to doubling the volume of exports of domestic ecological products and services to the EU market.

The Ecolabel Regulation lays down the requirements, the procedure for verifying the conformity of products and services, the criteria for awarding the Ecolabel and the procedure for monitoring Ecolabelled products and services. This will avoid misleading the consumer about the quality of the product. At present, some economic operators make unjustified use of labels such as ‘organic’, ‘green’, ‘eco’.

The regulation was prepared by the Ministry of Environment with EU4Environment and EcoContact support.


Published on 17/04/2023

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