Armenian RECP Clubs training in full-pelt in Armavir and Gyumri

Thanks to the EU-funded EU4Environment, Armenian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are embracing a new opportunity to improve resource efficiency and reduce costs and pollution.

As part of the RECP (Green) Clubs programme organized in the cities of Armavir and Gyumri, 8-10 selected SMEs are currently receiving on-site guidance and coaching within the two Clubs. Upon the completion of the programme, selected members of Green Clubs would develop an RECP Action Plan to start its implementation. In total, six modules are delivered over a period of approximately four months. The RECP expert team undertakes technical visits to the selected companies for a quick scan, reviews the gathered data, and provides support and cause analysis to identify and propose RECP measures specific for the company which targets improved production methods, more energy and resource efficient production cycle, quality products, reduced consumption of water, GHG emissions and resources, economic savings. Upon the completion of the action plans, certificates of completion will be granted at an award ceremony to recognize the efforts of Green club member enterprises in investing into improved environmental, social and economic performance using RECP approach.

Within EU4Environment, eight RECP Clubs have already been organized in the other Eastern Partnership countries, with the ones in Armavir and Gyumri being the latest to join the programme. So far, all six training modules have been already completed in both Clubs. The modules range from depicting business profiles to energy, materials and waste, all the way to water and wastewater. After the completion of the trainings, the RECP Green Clubs technical expert team also conducts visits to companies. So far, visits were performed at dried fruits producer “SUN CHEERS”, winemaker “Jraghatspanyan Winery”, “Karmir Katar”, “Araksi Apin” and Armavir Development Center’s Greenhouse,  from Armavir Marz, as well as “TOOP” waste recycling company (Gohar Harutyunyan Individual Entrepreneur), “Nor Hatik”, “Vardeni”, “Ararat Poghosyan”, “Eco Tomato” Greenhouse (Village Meghrashat), “Hovik Papikyan”, and “Mur Har” in Shirak Marz. These companies have all been identified as participants of the RECP Green Clubs initiative. The purpose of these visits was to familiarize with the production capabilities of these enterprises and to conduct an initial RECP assessments their activities.

Overall, the RECP/Green Clubs aim to pilot a lean support model for enterprises, in particular SMEs. This environmentally and economically viable business model has an advantage of being scalable and replicable. In Armenia, it has already been trialled in 8 other regions, now bringing its experience and opportunities for producers in Shirak and Armavir regions of the country.

Learn more about the RECP Clubs from our dedicated brochure.


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