Building national knowledge on circular economy in Ukraine

The event “Building national knowledge on circular economy in Ukraine” took place on 6 June 2024 online.

Meeting objectives, expected outputs and outcomes

The main goal of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of national knowledge in transitioning to circular economy and to identify potential synergies for disseminating this knowledge in the country. In addition, the event provided an opportunity to discuss and share international CE best practices and highlight barriers and challenges to its dissemination.

The main discussion topics were:

  • The role of CE in promoting country’s green recovery.
  • Existing initiatives to develop national knowledge on CE, including potential drivers and barriers.
  • Presentation of the online training course “Circular Economy in Ukraine: Implementation support.”
  • Demonstration of national examples of CE implementation by Ukrainian companies.
  • Discussion of potential synergies to implement circular economy in the country.

Launch of a new training course `Circular Economy in Ukraine: Implementation support`

The event launched and presented the new course on circular economy. It focuses on the importance of the circular economy, its principles, strategies, practices, and business models, as well as the means to promote the implementation of the circular economy at the country or community level. It includes practical examples from Ukraine and globally and is available on the following platform.


The target audience included representatives of Ukrainian ministries, industrial enterprises, central and local authorities, business associations, public and non-governmental organizations, educational and scientific circles, etc.

The event was organized by the EU4Environment programme, with UNIDO in the lead and in collaboration with the RECP Centre in Ukraine.

Draft Agenda


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