Information meeting – Progress on RECP activities in Armenia

The information meeting on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Activities in Armenia took place on 30 April 2021.

The aim of the meeting was to present the main objectives and goals of the RECP activities under the EU4Environment Action, demonstrate potential use and application of RECP practices based on food/agriculture (included fish farming), construction materials and chemical (including plastic) industries experiences, and receive recommendations on partnership possibilities with other stakeholder organizations.

The meeting focused on:

  • promoting resource efficiency and cleaner production benefits for society and business sector
  • raising awareness about the “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” component of the “EU4Environment” Action in Armenia
  • discussing the achievements and plans of implementing RECP activities in Armenia since 2020
  • exploring new opportunities related to RECP as a stepping stone for Circular Economy introduction in Armenia.


The meeting gathered 60 participants from the government, business sector, local authorities, civil society, and other key institutional stakeholders. It was attended by the Ministries of Environment, Economy, the EU Delegation in Armenia, the national and international partners of the EU4Environment Action, including National Focal Points from the Government, UNIDO, the National Action Coordinator and representatives of other profile organizations and programmes in the country.


The project improved knowledge, awareness and communication with beneficiaries, and will serve to transfer benefits of RECP through: 1) resource productivity and environmental performance of small and medium companies, 2) improved quality of products and services, 3) creating additional economic and environmental benefits, strengthened health and safety conditions for business.

Meeting documents



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