Kick-off stakeholders meeting on waste mapping in Ukraine

The kick-off stakeholders meeting on waste mapping took place on 27 April 2021.

This event focused on the following key objectives:

  • provide a better understanding of waste management, waste mapping and its benefits for national manufacturing enterprises;
  • discuss new opportunities related to industrial waste mapping as a means to improve waste management in selected regions and how businesses can benefit from them; and
  • discuss the waste types to be mapped in the project and what will be done in this respect.

Representatives from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, UNIDO and SWECO, selected Amalgamated Territorial Communities, industrial companies, local authorities and agencies, and ecologists will be invited to the event.


Waste mapping is a common method to quantify and demonstrate the distribution and management of waste within a geographic area. There are many ways of undertaking waste mapping, and there are many good examples worldwide. Waste maps have been created as part of circular economy plans for the cities of Amsterdam, Glasgow and London, which identified key producers of waste and how such wastes were subsequently managed or returned to the economy via resource “loops”. The overall objective of waste mapping is to identify, assess and map waste streams of manufacturing enterprises in order to develop options for improving resource efficiency.

The purpose of this meeting was to provide a better understanding of what industrial waste management and waste mapping are, how this will benefit businesses and how one can contribute to this work in Ukraine.

Meeting documents



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