Latest developments on the EU4Environment water and data programme

In early 2022, two “sister” Programmes – current EU4Environment programme “Green Economy” and a new EU4Environment programme on Water Management and Environmental data – joined forces under the EU4Environment umbrella to support cleaner environment, greener economy and people’s well-being in the Eastern Partner (EaP) countries.

The new Water and Data programme will contribute to sustainable water resources management and policy development, sound environmental statistics and open data.

In April, a series of workshops on water accounts was organised in Armenia, Azerbaijan Georgia and Moldova. The discussions focused on developing and using the water accounts for better understanding of how the behaviour of the society, and its economic activities, are affecting water resources over time.

EU4Environment Water and Data Programme continues defining its priority actions for implementation. Missions to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia enabled detailing the action plans and adapting them to the needs of the countries. Despite the extremely challenging situation in Ukraine, online meetings with the Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources discussed the adaptation of the Programme’s activities to the post-war reconstruction needs.

Follow the latest developments under “EU4Environment: Water management and Environmental Data” through their programme’s Facebook Page.


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