Online trainings on Specialized Resource Efficiency Topics for the Manufacturing Sector

Four trainings and coaching sessions have been organized at the national and regional levels for the representatives of enterprises and experts engaged in the EU4Environment Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) activities. The events were held online in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The first of four online sessions on RECP took place in Belarus on 22-29 June 2020. It brought together twenty experts who deepened their knowledge and discussed the application of cleaner production as a feasible, profit-oriented environmental strategy for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Overall, the seminars addressed the application of the updated methodology, which, in turn, is based on national business cases developed during the EU-funded EaP GREEN Programme (2014-2017).

The national partner in Armenia launched a series of four webinars on 29 July 2020. The series formed part of a coaching programme targeting twelve RECP experts in the country. The weekly webinars were presented as coaching meetings for the participants to discuss the RECP audit applied at specific industrial enterprises. It equipped the experts with the necessary tools and knowledge to assess the production activities of manufacturing SMEs in plastic, fisheries, and other industrial sectors prioritised by the Government of Armenia.

A regional two-day training on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) took place between 30-31 July 2020 and gathered over fifty experts from six EaP countries. Hosted by the national partner in Ukraine and conducted by an international expert with over twenty-five years of experience in environmental and industrial engineering, the training combined both theoretical knowledge and practical group work. The participants had the opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained through the practical exercise, using an example of an Austrian chocolate producer, working on its full production cycle from the cacao beans to the final product. The practical exercises also provided the experts with an opportunity to discuss, analyse, and develop the key stages of the EMS application, from stakeholders’ analysis to conformity monitoring (including the associated decision-making process).

The Energy Management and Audit training, organized for the RECP experts from Armenia and Georgia, on 10-13 August 2020 was the last of the series of online seminars. This training was attended by over thirty RECP experts who explored energy management issues faced by SMEs in meat, chocolate and metal processing sectors. The exercises provided a platform for panel discussions on energy audits, showcasing the application of the RECP methodology in the EaP countries.

All training sessions were conducted in English and will be made available for other enterprises and experts as educational material throughout the duration of the EU4Environment programme.


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