Technical workshop for private enterprises-residents of the Free Economic Zone “Minsk”

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production and Industrial Symbiosis as core elements of Eco-Industrial Parks

The online workshop took place on 12 October 2021.

The scope of the workshop

The purpose of this online event was to raise awareness, expand and deepen the knowledge of the managers and specialists of FEZ “Minsk” tenant companies on the key approaches of EIP – resource-efficient and cleaner production (RECP) and industrial symbiosis (IS). As well, the event aimed to involve residents in the activities related to the identification of local opportunities for cost reduction, means of increasing their competitiveness, and of strengthening their corporate responsibility by adopting the RECP and IS methodologies.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To justify the importance and benefits of green transformation of enterprises and industrial parks;
  • To introduce the methodology and techniques of RECP and IS;
  • To present best international practices in the field of RECP and IS (relevant for the FEZ “Minsk” tenant companies);
  • To involve tenant companies in the interactive exercises directed to identify new business opportunities related to the implementation of RECP and IS approaches at the pilot site;
  • To address the current environmental issues and challenges of enterprises;
  • To discuss further steps for the transition of FEZ “Minsk” into an Eco-Industrial Park (EIP).


Participants comprised managers and specialists from the FEZ “Minsk” tenant companies – privately owned SMEs. A number of companies operating in the pilot site (e.g., waste recycling, repair and maintenance industries, etc.), but who are not FEZ “Minsk” tenant companies, were invited to participate in the technical workshop. This enhanced the opportunity to foster cooperative (symbiotic) linkages between companies located together within one industrial zone. Other participants included representatives from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).


In accordance with the national action plan for the implementation of EU4Environment, FEZ “Minsk” and FEZ “Mogilev” have been designated pilot territories for testing and introducing the elements of an Eco-Industrial Park (EIP). The work in FEZ “Minsk” began in February 2021 with an information seminar, “Ways and possibilities of creating an eco-industrial park in the conditions of the free economic zone “Minsk”, which was held at the national RECP Center. It aimed to raise awareness among managers and specialists of resident enterprises on the approaches and advantages of an eco-industrial park, and the best practices for increasing resource efficiency using the methodology of resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) and industrial symbiosis (IS).

In late April – early May 2021, the RECP Center carried out a survey for the FEZ “Minsk” tenant companies on resource-efficient and cleaner production, and on industrial symbiosis. The main purpose of the survey was to collect statistical data in order to analyse the level of resource-efficient production at the pilot site, to assess the performance of the site using the International Framework for Eco-industrial Parks (EIP), as well as to identify promising practices of industrial symbiosis. 16 organizations from Minsk city and the Minsk region participated in the survey, including companies working in food production, machinery and equipment, vehicles, metal, and wood products.

In June – July 2021, the work on the assessment of the pilot site of FEZ “Minsk” (“Shabany”) against the International Framework for EIP was carried out. According to the preliminary data, the current level of compliance of the site with the international recommendations for EIP is at 50%.

A technical workshop on RECP and IS should be the next important step in further preparing the recommendations for FEZ “Minsk” to become compliant with the International Framework for EIP.

Meeting documents



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