The first RECP experts meeting in Armenia

Armenian experts on resource efficiency and Circular Economy are invited to the first RECP alumni meeting taking place on 28 April in Yerevan.

The meeting will help RECP alumni increase their knowledge on the demonstration of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology, its potential use and application, as well as technical expertise and auditing methods. The meeting will also focus on:

  • The potential for establishing a RECP Centre
  • Means to establish a RECP professional platform
  • Comparing achievements and challenges from the EaP GREEN and EU4Environment experiences
  • Discussion on a future agenda for the RECP Armenian Network.

The 1st RECP alumni experts meeting will be conducted under the framework of the RECP methodology, introduced within the EU-funded EU4Environment programme in Armenia. The aim of the national alumni RECP meeting is to develop a modality to support the exchange of experience among Circular Economy/RECP experts (including, but not limited to alumni of the RECP Demonstration EaP GREEN Programme conducted in 2014-2017) and business owners/representatives to support professional networking and to strengthen the national capacities and collaboration on Circular Economy and RECP in Armenia.



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