Guidelines for Developing Management Plans for Emerald Sites in the Republic of Moldova

The report aims to support the Moldovan authorities in developing effective management plans for Emerald sites. These plans are crucial for protecting species and natural habitats and achieving satisfactory conservation levels.

It provides a methodology and structure for developing Emerald Management Plans and offers guidance for different scenarios, including sites within special protected natural areas (SPNAs), forest enterprises (FEs), and other lands. The report also emphasizes the importance of regular monitoring, review, and updates of management plans to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with evolving conservation practices. The guidelines aim to streamline the preparation and approval process of Emerald management plans, benefiting both the authorities and the conservation efforts in Moldova.

By implementing these recommendations, Moldova can enhance its conservation efforts and protect its valuable species and natural habitats.

Read the report.

Published on June 27, 2024 inBrochures


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