A new series of RECP experts is underway in Georgia within EU4Environment

Expert coaching on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) has been a long-established practice. By teaching and training experts on the principles of RECP, the capacity of Georgian professionals has increased, fostering an important dialogue between the industry sector and the Government by building general awareness, and helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Under the direct management of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and within the EU4Environment Action, the RECP methodology is used by enterprises and specialists in the field of environmental management to identify sources of losses (for all types of resources), identify the root causes of such losses, and then develop and assess the feasibility of activities aimed to reduce (or completely eliminate) the respective losses. To ensure its success, the RECP training consists of a set of workshop sessions and coaching activities that develop RECP capacities among Georgian professionals and demonstrate its benefits at selected production companies. In total, three RECP training sessions were conducted online for Georgian trainees, with the concluding one taking place in early November 2021.

The third training workshop summarized the results achieved in 2021, in which over 20 trainees identified 23 profitable RECP measures for the selected companies. 52% of the identified measures were related to energy efficiency, 36% to fuel conversion, and 12% were related to raw materials and waste. In this process, 10 manufacturing SMEs (enterprises producing jam, juices, dried fruits, wine, poultry and eggs) were assessed.

Once selected, the RECP trainees (engineers, civil servants, NGO representatives, etc.) learned to develop in-plant assessment reports through a step-by-step RECP analysis and description of how savings could be achieved for each SME. They then performed company visits, studied exercises, and developed presentations and case-studies from their experience. The activities were accompanied by guided site visits to gain practical experience and collect data, as well as by the writing of the preliminary RECP assessment reports.

The RECP assessment is a systematic planned procedure with the objective to identify ways to reduce or eliminate the generation of waste and emissions and to increase process efficiencies. This is done by targeting the environmental improvement of a company’s products, services, and processes.

The third RECP training held on 11th November 2021 presented an overview of the assessment results in industry, summarized findings, and showcased recommendations to the enterprises and experts in Georgia. The presented RECP assessment reports contained analyses of production efficiency, identified RECP opportunities and calculated measures (no- and low-cost measures), and the workplans for the development and implementation of technically advanced measures. The presentations were also followed by the general feedback of the international and local trainers. After the trainees will pass the training exam, the final presentation of RECP in-plant assessments will be made to the representatives from the demonstration companies.



Published on November 30, 2021


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