Celebrating 8 Years of implementing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Ukraine


On 16 December 2020, the RECP Centre in Ukraine hosted the online national conference on the “Eco-modernization of Ukrainian industry”, under the framework of the UNIDO Project “Promoting the Adaptation and Adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) through the Establishment and Operation of a Cleaner Production Centre (CPC) in Ukraine” funded by the governments of Switzerland and Austria, and in partnership with the EU-funded “EU4Environment” Action.

By recalling the results achieved in the eight years of project implementation, the national conference brought together over 100 participants representing key ministry representatives, national and international organizations, enterprises, associations, financial institutions, universities, and NGOs. In terms of gender disparity, women accounted for 43% of the total number of participants.

With the EU4Environment Action hosting the future-oriented session of the event by looking at the transition “from Resource Efficiency to Circular Economy”, the conference became a landmark event for both the EU-funded project and the RECP Centre in Ukraine. Currently, the Centre provides national enterprises with highly qualified engineering expertise, helping them develop and adopt technical and technological solutions tailored to their business model, while assisting them in reducing their inefficient consumption of materials and energy, and increasing general competitiveness.

The online conference commenced with the welcoming remarks of the representatives from key institutions and organizations, followed by two panel discussions, on resource efficiency as the best way to achieve industry development, and on circular economy as a tool for business improvement. This way, two crucially interrelated topics were highlighted. Together, the two topics could play a vital role in shaping the environmental and economic policies of the country which has embarked on developing a Roadmap for the participation in the European Green Deal. In Ukraine, the EU4Environment Action aims to further enhance resource productivity, competitiveness, and environmental performance of industries through feasible practices, technologies, and policies. In turn, enterprises can increase their access to national and regional markets with environmentally sound products, and better negotiate their position in the relevant global supply chains.

Published on January 11, 2021


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