EU4Environment contribution to the National Economic Strategy until 2030 in Ukraine

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that the National Economic Strategy 2030 was an ambitious vision of Ukraine into the future and a road map that will change the country.[1] The Strategy has been developed for over 10 months and is the result of the participation of over 500 representatives of over 20 think tanks, over 30 business associations, 40 executive bodies, experts, civil society, and Members of Parliament.

The document outlines strategic steps for the development of industry, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, transport, energy, information and communication technologies, creative industries, and the service sector. The strategy also takes into account important cross-cutting areas – digitalization, renewable energy, the development of entrepreneurship, and balanced regional development.

EU4Environment’s National Action Coordinator for Ukraine Olena Maslyukivska has participated in the relevant discussions ensuring that the Progamme’s areas of work are well represented in the Strategy. Sections 10 and 20 of the Strategy include objectives that correlated with the EU4Envrinments results activities 1-4:

  • Section 10 Industry / Strategic goal 3 “Strengthening the competitiveness of industrial products produced in Ukraine, the introduction of resource- and energy-efficient technologies” (Result area 2) prioritizes development of a circular economy and improving resource efficiency. It sets objectives, in particular, towards waste reduction, extended producer responsibility, resource efficient technology and education, sustainable public procurement, tax incentives for modernization, BAT.
  • Section 20 Quality of Life /Strategic goal 3 “Creating a safe environment for the population” (Result areas 1, 3, 4) focuses on a) improving public administration, monitoring and control; b) conservation of natural resources and rational use of nature; c) implementation of the principles of sustainable development and gradual transition to a “green economy”. It sets objectives, in particular, towards EIA, SEA, creation of the climate fund as an institution, increasing ecotax, state environmental control, green bonds, extended producer responsibility, integrated forest ecosystem functions.

The Strategy highlights a special need “to improve public policy in the field of environmental management and protection, nature management, adaptation to climate change and the transition to the principles of “green economy”.

With its result activities EU4Environment Programme will support the implementation of the National Economic Strategy until 2030 towards achieving two expected results:

  • strengthening the competitiveness of industrial products produced in Ukraine, the introduction of resource- and energy-efficient technologies and
  • ensuring better quality and safety of the environment.

Analytical Supplement


Published on March 9, 2021


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