EU4Environment trains the next generation of RECP professionals in Azerbaijan and Moldova

In April 2022, 25 experts from energy, environment, or related fields took the training on RECP assessments of industrial and manufacturing enterprises operations in Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova.

First RECP training in Moldova

The four-day training course (22-28 April 2022) comprised eight modules: introduction to RECP; initial assessment; material efficiency, energy efficiency, and water efficiency; measurement and identification of improvement option. The participants went through the thorough learning process coupled with real-life examples and best practices from the Moldovan and European enterprises. Technical exercises on critical thinking, calculus, and problem-solving complemented the training. Upon its completion, the participants will continue their learning process through visits to companies that implement RECP methodology under supervision of the project team.

Advanced RECP training for experts in Azerbaijan

Following the first sessions organised in December 2021 and February 2022, the second RECP training kicked off in Azerbaijan on 28 April. It  included combined trainings, coaching sessions and enterprises visits. The second part of this training session is scheduled on 27 May 2022.

The overall training programme consists of three training sessions and one workshop on the results following the discussion of the in-plant assessment reports. The RECP experts are provided with comprehensive evaluation templates, checklists, and examples to support them during individual consultations and visits. They also receive feedback for their performance and conduct individual feasibility assessments with a focus on technical and environmental imperatives.

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is an approach with a set of tools employed by both individuals and entities to evaluate and improve resource use, decrease costs and material consumption, reduce pollution and waste. The RECP methodology can be applied to the processes of any industry, products, or various services. A key feature of success is the monitoring of performance improvements in terms of resource productivity and pollution decrease. The Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), that participate in the RECP assessment conducted by UNIDO in the Eastern Partner countries, benefit from tailored RECP reports where concrete steps of implementation are provided as action plans.

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Published on April 28, 2022


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