We are looking for Ukrainian success stories on circular economy!

The circular economy (CE) is now a popular concept, promoted by the European Union, many governments and businesses around the world. It aims to reassess the way economies grow, moving beyond the traditional industrial model of ‘Take-Make-Waste’. Instead, CE proposes a different 3Rs model, starting from ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ and more.

Today, Ukrainian businesses are mostly relying on the application of modern, innovative international practices and approaches, with the aim to improve their productivity and reduce negative impact on the environment. Notably, some have incorporated CE principles into their operations for years, even before recognizing their progressive, environmentally sound, economically viable, and trendy nature. In light of the present circumstances, it is paramount to amplify and replicate such endeavors, spotlighting these pioneering firms and promoting their CE implementation success stories.

That’s why the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RECP Centre) within the framework of the EU-funded EU4Environment Action is looking for Ukrainian companies that have implemented or are implementing CE principles within their production processes and are willing to share their experiences. The RECP Centre wants to involve national companies in the project to showcase their capacity and potential.

How can you determine if your company has implemented CE practices?

  • Do you reuseproduction waste or sell it as a rawmaterial to other companies?
  • Do you extend the lifetime of your product, for example by making it easier to maintainor repair? Have you implemented eco-design?
  • Are you selling a product as a service?
  • Do you carry out full repair/refurbishment of used products?
  • Do you offer product sharing?

If any of the above applies to your business, feel free to call us!

Please share your company’s success story by completing the form (in Ukrainian language) here: https://forms.gle/WqXUMKWX2Bm4Ye5D6.

Our experts will contact you to produce a successful case study in a format that suits your business, which will be then distributed worldwide and potentially included in an online training course developed by the RECP Centre.

Become a successful role model for other companies in Ukraine and around the world!

Hurry, as we’ll be showcasing these success stories by 30 November 2023.

Published on October 30, 2023


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