Status of Emerald Species and Habitats in the Republic of Moldova: a Legal and Institutional Framework Assessment

The report ‘Status of Emerald Species and Habitats in the Republic of Moldova: A Legal and Institutional Framework Assessment’ aimed at assisting the Moldovan authorities in effectively managing Emerald sites as well as establishing conservation measures together with gradually increasing the sufficiency index.

The document constitutes a coordinated management tool for central and local public authorities and other interested parties in strengthening the Emerald Network in the Republic of Moldova through legislative, social, and conservation actions. Apart from the analysis of the existing regulatory framework in the country, this document aims to identify gaps and barriers, whether legal or institutional, that impede the protection, conservation, and effective management of these sites. In addition, the analysis contains a separate chapter that provides an overview of the status of Emerald species and habitats in the Republic of Moldova. The result of the assessment is to form a reasoned opinion regarding the update of the sufficiency index for the Republic of Moldova, from an expert knowledge of species and habitats, actions required to reach around 80 percent of Moldova’s Emerald Network sufficiency index by 2030 (for IN MOD: new sites), with a first proposed intermediate timeline to reach a sufficiency index of approximate 60 percent by 2026 (for SR, CD, IN MIN).

By implementing these recommendations, Moldova can enhance its conservation efforts and protect its valuable species and natural habitats.

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Published on June 27, 2024 inBrochures


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