Media breakfast on Green Economy in the Republic of Moldova

The Media breakfast on Green Economy was held on the 1 October 2022.

This event aimed at gathering entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, marketing professionals, decision makers and other national actors to exchange their views and plans on sustainable business practices and the overall Green Economy transition in Moldova.


The Media breakfast was attended by representatives of Moldova governmental organisations, SMEs, business associations, national and local experts on mass media, social media influencers, as well as representatives of UNEP and other implementing partners of EU4Environment.

Format and suggested questions to the enterprises

The Media breakfast was organized as an informal discussion between the journalists, media experts, social influencers and the representatives of the governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, SMEs’ representatives etc.

The moderator presented the key achievements and plans in the Republic of Moldova towards Green Economy models application, key findings of recent assessments supported by the EU4Environment project (as mentioned above), followed by journalists’ questions.


Within EU4Environment, UNEP supported the Republic of Moldova in assessing and promoting Green Economy approaches. In particular, the following areas were assessed: i) with support from the Organisation for Entrepreneurship Development (ODIMM) an assessment of key sectors with potential for eco-innovation among SMEs was conducted; ii) with support from PA EcoContact an assessment of eco-labelling systems and their application was prepared and the Roadmap on Eco-labelling and the Regulation on Eco-labelling (aligned to the EU Regulation on Eco-labelling 66/2010) were drafted and prepared for public hearings; iii) in close cooperation of the Public Procurement Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova the SPP principles were promoted and work is on-going to review companies’/small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) readiness to respond to public procurement tenders with sustainability criteria.

This media breakfast, with involvement of journalists, media experts and social influencers, will help to distribute information on the findings, achievements and future plans of the EU4Environment programme in Moldova, also leveraging the attention of different stakeholders to contribute, learn from and/or apply eco-labelling, SPP and eco-innovation approaches.

Please check out more information about media breakfast in the Agenda.


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