National workshop on eco-innovation landscape in Georgia

The workshop on “Eco-innovation landscape in Georgia” took place on 03 August 2022.

The aim of this final workshop was to present the work that has been undertaken with these eight SMEs in Georgia to help them adopt the eco-innovation approach in their management systems and operations, while also discussing key challenges, opportunities, and the potential implications of applying the eco-innovation approach among other SMEs in the country.

 Meeting objectives were to:

  • hear from the programme participant SMEs on their experiences and lessons learned in adopting the eco-innovation approach;
  • discuss with the participants the potential implications and prospects of applying eco-innovation approach among Georgian SMEs; and
  • gather relevant stakeholders (government agencies, implementing partners, NGOs) to further discuss the current and future eco-innovation landscape in Georgia.


As part of the EU-funded EU4Environment programme, UNEP, the EU, and the Global Compact Network Georgia (GCNG) assisted eight SMEs in Georgia in developing new business strategies/models that are aligned with the eco-innovation approach. The companies represent priority sectors identified through a market and policy assessment of the eco-innovation landscape in Georgia,produced in collaboration with the Environmental Information and Education Centre (under the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia), UNEP and the GCNG. Based on the analysis of sector-specific statistics, as well as existing policy documents, two sectors were identified as most promising to upscale eco-innovation measures among Georgian SMEs, namely a) Agriculture; and b) Accommodation and food (i.e. hospitality). Following a national call for SMEs from these sectors interested in developing the eco-innovation approach, eight SMEs were selected to receive advisory services from GCNG and UNEP. The companies areUdabno, Sevsamora, Manna, Gvinuka, Teleti, GSG, Prinveli, and Bioshesha – representatives of which will be present throughout this event.


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