Second Training Workshop for Resource-Efficient and Cleaner Production Experts

The Second Training Workshop for Resource-Efficient and Cleaner Production Experts took place on 15 April 2021.

Specific objective at this stage was to learn and develop practical skills on the detailed RECP assessment in accordance to UNIDO RECP methodology, and covers all subjects in the UNIDO modules 6-12, including:

  • Scope of RECP detailed assessment
  • Specific aspects of mass-, water-, energy balance
  • Cause-root analysis and options generation techniques
  • How to perform technical, economic and environmental feasibility assessments
  • Business planning techniques
  • How to link RECP to management systems

The training workshop 2 comprises two distinct events:

  • One day online training focused at performing the detailed RECP assessment
  • Two-days online training sessions focused at feasibility assessment and implementation of RECP measures

Coaching activities:

They will be given sufficient time, approximately one month in-between the two sessions, to continue the development of their projects based on the skills obtained and advice given at the previous session.

Individual consultations would be arranged with each team prior to both online trainings. The following issues would be addressed:

  • Clarification on the tools and templates (pre-assessment checklist, root-cause analysis, checklist for RECP measures assessment)
  • Review of the completed sections of the in-plant assessment report
  • Verification or sources of data
  • Need for clarifications and collection of missing data
  • Identifying steps for the detailed assessment
  • Present hint for the final presentations


Specialists working in environmental management, engineering (chemical, industrial, environment, or related fields) who decided to be trained on RECP methods and their applications as well as the representatives of those demonstration companies which were selected for RECP assessments to be performed within the project. The company representatives will be invited for participation in specific events of the trainings sessions devoted to the discussions of the company related issues.


Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is used as an umbrella term for the application of preventive environmental strategies. RECP training and coaching programme aims to provide hands-on experience and advanced training on application of the RECP methodology, as well as to demonstrate the benefits and opportunities brought forth by RECP.

The Overall Trainings Programme consists of a one-day Information Seminar, two training workshops  lasting for two and three days correspondingly, and a third  workshop of two days focusing on the results and presentation of In-Plant Assessment Reports as well as coaching activities.  The Information Seminar and the training session 1 have been been already performed in December 2020-February 2021 period.

As a part of the homework, each team has performed the initial company visit and initial production assessment in the period February-April 2021.

This note comprises purpose and outcomes of the training workshop 2, detailed Agenda of the one-day session on 15 of April 2021 and the outline of the subjects for the two-days session in May 2021.

Meetings documents:



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