Specialized training for Georgian enterprises on the role of BAT in circular economy

Georgian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) were invited to attend a specialized training on Circular Economy with a focus on Best Available Technology (BAT).

Within the EU-funded EU4Environment programme, UNIDO is implementing in Georgia and other Eastern Partnership countries activities related to “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities”. These entail the introduction of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology to professionals and SMEs, the establishment of RECP Clubs, as well as awareness, knowledge management, and capacity building on issues targeting the transition to a circular and green economy.

For those industries working in food, metal, and plastic processing and looking to improve their products without further undermining the environment, this specialized training proposes relevant elements of the EU best available techniques reference documents (BREFs), as well as indicators, benchmarks, processes, and waste and emissions sources. These will include the best available technology (BAT), and a radar for new technologies and their application. The occasion will also equip participants with cross-cutting elements of BREFs (big combustion plants, energy efficiency, cooling, wastewater treatment, etc.), practical examples, as well as materials that could be used by potential suppliers.

The target audience consists of specialists working in environmental management and engineering (chemical, industrial, environment, or related fields) as well as representatives from the Demonstration Companies (selected for the RECP assessments under EU4Environment) and representatives from organizations and the Georgian Technical University.


Press release


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