Training on eco-labelling mechanisms in Georgia

The training on eco-labelling mechanisms in Georgia took place on 20 May 2021, 12:00 – 14:00 (Tbilisi time).

Ahead of the training, participants received Guidelines and Assessment of existing eco-labelling mechanisms in Georgia. This information helped participants during the training. Training materials (PPT slides in English and Georgian) were prepared by the EIEC’s expert and used during the training. Practical experience of use of eco-labels were presented by the representatives of UNEP Economy Division and the EU.

Meeting objectives were to:

  • inform participants about eco-labelling mechanisms;
  • share experience on eco-labelling schemes, including those that function in Georgia;
  • discuss key challenges and opportunities in application of eco-labelling systems in Georgia;
  • motivate participants to work actively on eco-labelling in their future activities via explaining benefits of using eco-labels.


The meeting gathered up to 30 participants from Government agencies in Georgia and business associations.


Eco-label is a mark, which is acknowledged and experienced to be a tool for increasing sales, as it grants competitive advantage on the market. Eco-labels are labelling systems for food and consumer products. More and more consumers respect the products and services, which follow environmental standards and requirements. For them, it is essential to have easy choice on high competitive market. Eco-labels are clear signs for consumers, that give them possibility to make decision simply, without much efforts. Eco-labelling is also one of criterium for sustainable public procurement.

The purpose of this training is to raise awareness of the relevant public bodies, civil servants and members of the private sector in Georgia on the conception of eco-labelling and inform them about the benefits of the eco-labelling system for both the country (society) and the business, main challenges that Georgia faces in the implementation of the eco-labelling and the recommendations to tackle those challenges. The training will also present information on eco-labelling schemes in Georgia. The target audience of the training are the Government agencies and Business Associations – the main stakeholders for development of such schemes in Georgia.

Meeting documents



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