Training on the implementation of the designed Clean Public Transport in Moldova

The training on the implementation of the designed Clean Public Transport in Moldova took place virtually on 15-16 December 2021.

Training objectives, expected outputs and outcomes

The training aimed to transfer practical skills and know-how to experts in the government administration on:

  • managing (green) public investments in preparation, managing and monitoring of such programmes;
  • project cycle management;
  • selecting projects for co-financing.

The training also showed how officials and experts in the local government administrations and NGOs can participate in the programme implementation.


The meeting gathered participants from:

  • Ministry of Environment responsible for policy and programme development and monitoring (including National Ecological Fund)
  • other ministries involved in the public transport sector
  • Environmental Projects Implementation Unit
  • Environmental Agency involved in implementation of environmental policy documents
  • selected NGOs involved in reduction of air pollution from the transport sector
  • local administration from cities interested in implementing clean public transport (Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Ungheni, others).

The event was organised by the OECD on behalf of the Ministry of Environment of Moldova with a support from the SST-Consult. The presenters/trainees also included the Green City Lab, Sinergetika and SRL Assistance.


The EU4Environment project “Facilitating green public investments in Moldova: Implementing the designed Clean Public Transport (CPT) Programme” aims to demonstrate how to use scarce public funds to incentivise the private sector to invest in clean and socially important projects. The project is being implemented in 2021 in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment of Moldova and follows a technical assistance that was provided in 2017-18 in preparing the CPT Programme.

The main objective of the current support is to increase the capacities of local public authorities in Moldova to implement the designed CPT Programme and, more importantly, also similar public investments in future (with a focus on cleaner mobility but also other environmental issues). Similar green public expenditure programmes can help allocate financial resources from the national budget, but also leverage international financing and private investments into cleaner and more environment-friendly technologies or equipment.

As part of the project, the OECD with the Ministry of Environment of Moldova are organising a two-day training on managing the environmental programmes in the context of the CPT Programme.

Agenda (English | Romanian)


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