Training workshop on ecolabelling and sustainable procurements in the Republic of Moldova dedicated to central and local authorities

The training workshop on ecolabelling and sustainable procurements in the Republic of Moldova dedicated to central and local authorities was organised virtually on 3 March 2023.

Objectives of the training workshop were to:

  • Present and discuss the future national ecolabelling mechanism, including recently developed legal provisions.
  • Highlight the economic, environmental, and social benefits and impact of the eco-labelled products and services.
  • Promote ecolabelling as an efficient tool for access to consumer information.
  • Promote the principles and benefits of SPP and dispel common myths.
  • Explain how eco-labelling could be considered as one of the criteria for SPP practices.
  • Present and explain the SPP mechanism, its practices and how to encourage state central and municipal procurers of the Republic of Moldova to apply sustainability criteria in tenders.


The participants in the training workshop were the representatives of the central and local authorities responsible for developing and applying the ecolabelling mechanisms, as well as beneficiaries and potential practitioners of SPP.


Within EU4Environment, UNEP in close cooperation with the PA EcoContact implements a set of activities on promotion of eco-labelling system development in the Republic of Moldova. In particular, a comprehensive assessment of the legal framework of Moldova was prepared, identifying the current state related to the eco labelling, and existing laws facilitating the regulation and later implementation of eco labelling in the country. The only existing and currently functioning system of environmental labelling in Moldova is on organic labelling in the agriculture sector. In order to understand better the application of the EU ecolabelling system, the document provides an analysis of the EU ecolabel with its specific particularities and summarises key challenges, as well as the most suitable institution that could accredit and be responsible for the eco-labeling issuance. The assessment is available in Romanian and English.

The Roadmap to align an eco-labeling system in Moldova was drafted to determine the objectives and measures to be taken to facilitate the transposition of the provisions set out in the EU Regulation on the Ecolabel (Regulation (EC) No 66/2010) in the Republic of Moldova. Essentially, the roadmap is an action plan for successfully creating and implementing a voluntary national eco-labelling scheme. The Roadmap is available in Romanian and English.

The most valuable progress is the elaboration of the Regulation on Ecolabelling by the transposition of the Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 on EU Ecolabel and develop all supportive documents (Note, RIA, Draft of Governmental Decision, Regulation).

To stimulate the demand and supply of sustainable products in Republic of Moldova, two elements have been combined: ecolabelling and sustainable public procurements. Even though these two mechanisms are still at the initial please, the awareness and information on benefits that can be achieved should be an intensive approach for the applicability of both instruments.

Agenda (English | Romanian)


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