Conducting Feasibility Assessments for Implementing Eco-Industrial Parks in Moldova: Workshop for IP Tracom

The 2 day interactive workshop/training event was organized on 12 and 13 July 2021.

The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the approaches and advantages of creating an eco-industrial park, the best practices to increase resource efficiency through the methodology of resource-efficient and cleaner production (RECP), as well as through industrial symbiosis. The workshop was focused at the representatives of the administration of the IP Tracom, as well as to managers and specialists of resident enterprises.


The target audience for this workshop was composed of:

  • Tenant companies/industries of IP Tracom
  • Key representatives of IP Tracom Administration;
  • Relevant national and local authorities;
  • The National Focal Points (NFPs) from the Ministries of Economy and Environment;
  • The National Action Coordinator (for EU4Environment);
  • UNIDO;
  • Professionals carrying industrial development activities in the Plot;
  • Relevant CSOs/NGOs and research institutions.


An eco-industrial park is a community of manufacturing and service-based businesses which are located together and operate on a common property. The member businesses then seek enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues. By working together, the community of businesses seeks a collective benefit that is greater than the sum of individual benefits each company would realize by only optimizing its individual performance.

The eco-industrial parks feasibility study falls under the implementation process of the EU4Environment Action in Moldova. The Action is funded by the European Union and implemented in this area by UNIDO, supported in delivery by International EIP Experts from Sofies as well as National IP and RECP experts. In accordance with the national action plan for the implementation of the EU4Environment Action and in agreement with the Ministry of Economy & Infrasctucture (MEI) as well as Mininstry of Agriculture, Regional Development & Environment (MARDE)   in Moldova, IP Tracom and FEZ Valkanes are designated as pilot territories for testing and introducing the methodological elements of an eco-industrial park.

Meeting documents


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