International Day of Forests – EU4Environment achievements in sustainable forestry management

International Day of Forests, celebrated every year on 21 March, is a global event aimed at raising awareness about the role of forests. This occasion provides us an opportunity to highlight the importance of forests for biodiversity conservation, climate regulation, sustainable development, and the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. Protecting forests today lays the foundation for a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.

As part of the EU4Environment, the World Bank supports the Eastern Partnership countries in promoting sustainable forestry practices and community-led action in forest conservation, reducing biodiversity loss, and expanding a shared network of protected areas.

On 15 February 2024, the World Bank organised a regional event on Advancing Biodiversity Conservation in Eastern Partnership Countries that gathered government officials, experts, representatives from academia, and civil society. This meeting facilitated peer learning and discussed opportunities for improved funding mechanisms in biodiversity protection across the region.

In Moldova, the World Bank has recently completed a study on “Identification of forests of high conservation value (HCVF) in the Republic of Moldova“. The study’s findings and recommendations reveal that forests with a high conservation value are essential for protecting habitats, mitigating climate change and the well-being of people. Conserving these forests, improving their health, and expanding forest coverage are crucial to the country’s economic and environmental resilience.

Additionally, the study provides technical and policy recommendations, such as improving the HCVF identification guide, conducting further research, amending laws on protected areas, and developing an adaptive forest management to ensure future ecosystem services.

The report was officially launched at the high-level event on 16 February 2024.

The event was followed by a field trip to Nature Reserve Codrii.  This trip provided an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in ecosystems conservation. This trip included a visit to a protected area and a discussion on afforestation and ecological reconstruction in natural forests. The participants also visited a local Nature Museum offering thematic exhibits highlighting native species and habitats and promoting environmental awareness.

Among other results, last year, the World Bank and the Ministry of Environment of Moldova in consultation with key stakeholders jointly  formulated recommendations that informed the newly developed National Forest Extension and Rehabilitation Program (NFERP) for 2023-2032. This was the new environment-focused policy document approved by Moldova’s government, underscoring the important role healthy forest ecosystems play in the country’s development agenda and affirming its green ambition.

Published on 21/03/2024

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