Sustainable Public Procurement and eco-labelling in Georgia

Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) changes the way in which our governments purchase goods and services, thereby driving markets towards sustainability and innovation.

With EU4Environment support, since 2019 Georgia has achieved the following results:

  • SPP related provisions elaborated and integrated into the new Law on Public Procurement
  • The Governmental Decree on SPP drafted
  • Assessments of the state of SPP and eco-labelling conducted
  • Products for SPP pilot tenders prioritised and sustainability criteria for these products elaborated (with a focus on cleaning materials and IT equipment)
  • Assessment of existing public procurement practices and use of non-price criteria (for instance, environmental, energy efficiency etc.) conducted.


A number of awareness raising events were organized at various levels to raise the issues of SPP and eco-labelling. These included: 

  • High-level dialogue on SPP and eco-labelling (over 70 participants, including high-level officials)
  • Press tour to SMEs and media breakfast (40 participants, including journalists)
  • SPP trainings at national, regional, and local levels in Georgia (7 events; total 182 participants)

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Published on 27/07/2023 inБрошури

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