Webinar on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in the Republic of Moldova

EU4Environment organized an introductory webinar on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) for industrial enterprises and experts the Republic of Moldova. The online event took place on 10 February 2022.

The purpose of the RECP webinar was to promote a wider application of RECP in Moldova, where the local market of service providers should be developed, including with sufficient local capacities and skills. It also provided introduction to a hands-on training for energy and environmental professionals and representatives of manufacturing enterprises on specific activities for greening SMEs under the EU4Environment Action in the Republic of Moldova.

The event was hosted within the EU Industry Days 2022, Europe’s flagship annual event, highlighting industrial frontrunners and ongoing industrial policy discussions whilst improving the knowledge base of European industry. The 2022 edition took place in hybrid format in Brussels between 8 – 11 February 2022, and it stimulated discussions across industrial ecosystems on their green and digital transition (including SMEs). The EU Industry Weeks is a wider framing of the EU Industry Days, bringing the discussion to the local communities. Local events are taking place across the EU and the Eastern Partner (EaP) region until the end of February 2022. Virtual workshops, fairs, seminars, open door sessions and business presentations will demonstrate how European industrial ecosystems are approaching the topics of green and digital transition, resilience, and youth in industry.

For more details, please visit: https://eu-industry-days.ec.europa.eu/

In this respect, the introductory webinar in Moldova centers its agenda around three thematic areas: green and digital transformation, resilience, and circularity. It builds the capacity of Moldovan industrial enterprises, fosters dialogue between the industry/private sector and the Government, and facilitates partnerships. The participants will be introduced to: the RECP methodology; how to assess the efficiency of production processes and identify opportunity areas; good RECP practices in energy efficiency, water and material management; and the RECP training and RECP Clubs.

RECP is currently one of the most relevant approaches to improving the production and environmental performance of enterprises. This is because it is based on an ongoing assessment of the potential saving of resources, energy, and materials to prevent overspending, and reduce emissions and the discharges of pollutants into the environment. It also reduces waste generation, which then diminishes the economic costs of enterprises. RECP is used as an umbrella term for the application of preventive environmental strategies to achieve the triple aims of production efficiency, environmental management, and human development.

In Moldova, under the EU4Environment Action, the RECP methodology is implemented by UNIDO under the “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” Component. This is achieved through trainings, demonstrations at individual enterprises and in clusters of SMEs (co-located in industrial parks, Free/Special Economic Zones), RECP Clubs and other activities. The identified RECP measures then support companies to save energy, water and materials, reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health, increase profit, improve compliance with the national environmental legislation, and increase access to financial resources in order to invest in cleaner technologies.

For information about the upcoming event, please contact Ms. Aurelia Sarari at sarari.aurelia@gmail.com.


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