Sustainable Public Procurement and eco-labelling in the Republic of Moldova

Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) changes the way in which our governments purchase goods and services, thereby driving markets towards sustainability and innovation. Thanks to support from the EU-funded EU4Environment programme, Moldova achieved the following in this domain:

  • Governmental Decree on SPP drafted.
  • Products for SPP pilot tenders prioritized (organic food, isolated windows and doors, computers, cars and office paper) with associated technical specifications and sustainability criteria elaborated.
  • Assessment of market readiness for SPP tenders prepared.
  • Assessment and Roadmap on eco-labelling conducted.
  • Regulation on eco-labelling aligned with that of the EU drafted, discussed at public hearings and approved by the government.
  • National eco-label has been designed.


A number of awareness raising events were carried out:

  • High-level Dialogue on SPP (22 participants, including high-level officials);
  • High-level dialogue on ecolabelling (22 participants, including high-level officials).
  • Press tour of SMEs working to green their operations and adhere to future SPP tenders (14 participants);
  • Media breakfast to build journalists capacity in broadcasting on SPP and eco-labelling (32 participants);
  • Sessions on use of eco-labelling in public procurement (total 80 participants trained).
  • Trainings on SPP in Chisinau, Balti, and Cimislia.

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Published on July 26, 2023 inBrochures


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