Sustainable Public Procurement and eco-labelling in Ukraine

Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) changes the way in which our governments purchase goods and services, thereby driving markets towards sustainability and innovation.

Ukraine has been introducing SPP since 2014 with support from the EU-funded projects EaP GREEN and EU4Environment:

  • Ukraine’s Prozorro e-procurement system improved: fields to enable voluntary use of sustainability criteria created; analytical monitoring module modified.
  • Products prioritized for SPP pilot tenders and sustainability criteria elaborated for 1) road construction and repair, 2) food and catering services for education institutions.
  • Ecological standards for type I eco-label Green Crane reviewed for 1) furniture, floor coverings and wood products 2) plastic products. New standards developed for detergents and paints.


  • Training workshops on SPP criteria for selected products: for food and catering services for education institutions (365 participants) and for roads repair and construction (284 participants).
  • Training workshops on SPP and eco-labelling, including for SMEs (total 760 persons trained).


Educational videos were developed to raise awareness and to train stakeholders:

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Published on July 27, 2023 inBrochures


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