Training Workshop on Quality Control of SEA and EIA Documentation in the Republic of Moldova

The training took place virtually on 24 May 2023, 13.00-17.00.

Meeting objectives, expected outputs and outcomes were to:

  • promote sound application of the SEA and EIA (including transboundary EIA) in the Republic of Moldova in line with the European Union’s Directives on SEA and on EIA, the Espoo Convention and the UNECE Protocol on SEA
  • provide initial training on the envisaged quality control mechanisms for SEA and EIA
  • leverage discussion on the application of the amended Law on EIA and of the amended Law on SEA in relation to the Quality Control
  • introduce the complete draft Guidelines for Quality Control and receive inputs for their finalization

The meeting gathered around 50 participants from central and subordinated authorities responsible for/involved in SEA and EIA, including different line ministries, Ministry of Environment, Environment Agency and health authorities, as well as NGOs, experts, and academia that mainstream SEA and EIA courses in their program studies.


The effectiveness and efficiency of the application of SEA and EIA in Moldova needs to be further improved, and the relevant Law amendments that will enter into force in October 2023 for SEA and in November 2023 for EIA are expected to improve conditions for the development of a sound practice and strengthening of the overall institutional capacities for environmental assessment application.

Among the relevant changes applicable as of October-November 2023 is also a component related to the Quality Control of both SEA and EIA (including in a transboundary context). For that purpose, the Ministry of Environment of Republic of Moldova requested support from the UNECE to elaborate two Guidelines. The Guidelines will provide assistance to those performing the control of quality for the EIA documentation and for the SEA documentation respectively, as well as serving as a guiding tool for the initiators and other stakeholders participating in the EIA and SEA processes.

Currently, the draft Guidelines for Quality Control of SEA and EIA are in the process of finalization. The workshop will therefore serve as a platform for the discussion on most
significant issues related to the effectiveness of the EIA and SEA processes, as well as for the training for the practical application of the envisaged quality control mechanism including use of the newly developed Guidelines. The workshop will be facilitated by experts/consultants to UNECE.

Agenda (English | Romanian)

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