Towards Green Transformation of the Republic of Moldova: State of Play in 2021

The report “Towards Green Transformation of the Republic of Moldova: State of Play in 2021” presents a snapshot of the country’s progress towards a green economy over 2015-20, using the OECD green growth indicators. This is also a first attempt to evaluate the implementation of the National Programme on the Promotion of Green Economy in the Republic of Moldova and its Action Plan 2018-20, based on green growth indicators. In addition, the report will support preparation of the new action plan on green economy for 2022-24 and of Environmental Strategy 2030.

Read the report in English and Romanian.

The policy brief summarises the key findings and recommendations of the Third National Report on GGIs, which covers the evolution of GGIs since 2010 and how it compares to other European countries.

Read the policy brief in English and Romanian.

A digital platform to monitor the progress of the Republic of Moldova towards a green economy, based on green growth indicators, was developed and officially presented to the public. This is the first kind of web portal in the Eastern Partnership region.

The platform is available in English and Romanian languages on the website of the Ministry of Environment.

The video on green growth indicators in available with Romanian subtitles.

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Published on 18/02/2022 inBroșuri

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