Regional seminar on better environmental inspections for stronger environmental resilience

The regional seminar on better environmental inspections for stronger environmental resilience will take place on 5-6 December 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

Registration is available through this link.

The main objectives of this regional seminar are to:

  • present and discuss findings of a draft OECD assessment report of the environmental compliance assurance system of Georgia, prepared within the EU4Environment framework;
  • facilitate an information exchange on the latest developments in environmental inspections, available guidance and tools, and lessons learnt.


Participants in this seminar are practitioners from environmental inspectorates and policy makers from the Eastern Partnership, EU and OECD countries; officials and experts from EU institutions and civil society representatives; the OECD Secretariat and representatives of the IMPEL network.


Environmental inspections is one of the traditional tools used by countries to monitor environmental compliance, and they play a key role in enforcing environmental regulations. Many Eastern Partnership countries have been recently undertaking reforms in the field of environmental inspections. Most of them adopted risk assessment methodologies for planning inspections in the last few years (Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine in 2019, and Moldova in 2018). Georgia and Moldova have developed draft laws on industrial emissions aimed at establishing integrated permitting and control. In addition, many countries plan to digitise information management processes related to inspections.

Draft agenda (English | Russian)

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