High-level Dialogue on Sustainable Public Procurement in Georgia

The high-level dialogue on Sustainable Public Procurement in Georgia was held on 25 October 2022.

The objectives of this event were to:

  • leverage the discussion on SPP high in the governmental agenda to support the legal steps done towards SPP implementation in Georgia;
  • raise awareness of the Georgian authority, business associations, national stakeholders on SPP approach and economic, environmental, and social benefits;
  • encourage line ministries and contracting authorities for enlargement of GPP;
  • promote newly developed SPP policy documents in Georgia;
  • ensure synergy between other policy developments in the country towards sustainable development (including achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)), Green Economy shift, promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production pattern and SPP;
  • ensure awareness and full support of SPP practices in Georgia as an efficient way to meet commitments of Georgia under the EU Association Agreement and numerous environmental multilateral agreements.


The high-level representatives of the Georgian governmental institutions, business associations, national stakeholders, as well as the EU Delegation, UNEP, World Bank, GIZ, USAIAD, UNOPS.


Within EU4Environment, UNEP in close cooperation with the Environmental Information and Education Centre (EIEC) and the State Procurement Agency of Georgia (SPA) implements a set of activities on promotion and application of SPP. It includes improvement of the legislation to introduce the SPP provisions, elaboration of complementary tools (by-laws, guidelines, training materials), identification of priority goods and services for SPP pilot tenders accompanied by elaboration of the sustainability criteria per prioritised products. Raising awareness of governmental authorities, as well as the business sector, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and business associations on the SPP benefits is envisaged in order to build capacity of business to respond to public tenders.

Agenda (English | Georgian).

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