Free economic zones in Belarus

In Belarus, EU4Environment works with Free Economic Zones (FEZ) and Industrial Parks to support the greening of industrial zones through the introduction of Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) methodology. The workshop on “Ways to improve production and environmental activities at enterprises of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) Mogilev” was held in December 2019. The event was hosted by the Belarus State University – Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Center. As a result of the workshop, the agreement was reached with the administration of FEZ to include it as a pilot site to assess the feasibility applying the EIP methodology and greening the resident industries.

A survey of 32 enterprises located in the FEZ helps to further analyze material flows and identify priority areas for the implementation of “industrial symbiosis” projects. Currently, the work is being performed remotely through the collection and analysis of data from FEZ resident industries using a questionnaire. It includes questions on the types and volumes of consumption of material resources, raw materials, energy, water, types of waste, the main types of services provided (transport, utilities, cleaning, etc.), internal sources of energy supply (electricity, heat, steam) and their capacity, etc. Further support to the FEZ continues to introduce the EIP methodology in close cooperation with the FEZ administration office.

Published on 16/09/2020

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