Development of the sustainable waste management system in the Republic of Moldova with the EU4Environment support

The Government of the Republic of Moldova recently approved the National Waste Management Programme for 2023-2027. The Programme entails legal improvements, aims to reduce generated waste volumes, and to strengthen infrastructure as well as public awareness in the domain. UNEP supported the development of the Programme as part of the EU-funded EU4Environment Programme.

The Programme foresees the following until 2027:

  1. Development of a sustainable waste management system that ensures a healthy and safe environment for citizens.
  2. Increasing by up to 60% the recovery and recycling rate of products (especially those subject to extended producer responsibility schemes).
  3. Develop 4 regional waste depots and ensure that 25% of waste generated is properly treated for recycling and/or safe disposal.

The Minister of Environment, Iordanca-Rodica IORDANOV, presenting the Programme at the Governmental Meeting on December 6, 2023.  Source:

The Programme also contains over 50 priority actions for Moldova’s main waste flows, such as municipal waste, biodegradable waste, packaging waste, waste electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, obsolete road vehicles and tires, waste oils, toxic wastes, as well as construction and demolition waste, among others. The total cost for implementing the Programme is estimated at 4 402 30,8 thousand lei.

Published on 18/12/2023

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