EU4Environment supports Georgia in strengthening waste management policy

The Government of Georgia has amended a national waste management strategy and approved a new action plan, boosting the scope and ambition of the country’s policies in managing waste.

The update to the National Waste Management Strategy and the preparation of the New National Action Plan were formally approved on 9 August 2022 and were achieved with technical support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the local implementing partner REC Caucasus under the EU-funded EU4Environment Programme.

The amended National Waste Management Strategy 2016-2030 aims to define the waste management policy and goals at the national level for 15 years and seeks to ensure the best international experience in the process of developing a waste management system in Georgia, through gradual convergence with the goals and objectives of the European waste management policy.

Both the draft National Waste Strategy 2016-2030 and the Action Plan 2022 – 2026 were elaborated in April 2022 through the first-round of public hearing and inter-ministerial dialogue. Following the feedback received from different Ministries and state agencies on 8 June 2022, further amendments were made to the Waste Management Strategy 2016- 2030 and the New National Action Plan 2022-2026.

As a result of the amendment, four new strategic objectives were added to nine already existing goals of the National Waste Management Strategy to address new challenges. They include: improvement in hazardous waste management, plastic waste management, creation and implementation of biodegradable waste collection and treatment systems and improvement of management for inert, construction and demolition waste.

The New National Waste Management Action Plan 2022-2026 has been developed in conformity with the Waste Management Code and Strategy. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture will coordinate the implementation of the National Waste Management Strategy of Georgia 2016-2030 and the National Action Plan for Waste Management.

Published on 30/08/2022

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