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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is all about producing with fewer resources, less pollution, and a better productivity.

In the past decade alone, this UNIDO flagship methodology has proven to be an effective instrument for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to lower production costs while improving their competitive advantage and the impact on the environment. Worldwide, tens of thousands of manufacturing companies have already participated in RECP-related projects. As the expenses for energy, materials, and overall environmental compliance continue to rise, RECP has become a valuable tool for companies striving to meet future challenges whilst continue thriving.

As part of the European Union-funded EU4Environment Action, UNIDO continues to train RECP experts, asses RECP Demonstration Companies, and introduce the RECP Clubs in selected regions and industries in the Eastern Partnership region.

Here, the RECP Clubs aim to pilot a lean support model for enterprises, in particular SMEs. The model should be scalable and replicable (in the sense that, after the initial trials in the selected municipalities end, the model can be made available on a continuous basis to more regions, and, ultimately, throughout the whole country).

Each RECP Club involves 8-10 small enterprises for which it provides practical RECP support. Upon the completion of the RECP Club programme, each member enterprise would have developed an actionable RECP plan and have started its implementation. In total, six modules are delivered in intervals of about three weeks over a period of approximately four months.

Throughout this process, the on-site guidance and coaching is provided to the Club members. The RECP Facilitator undertakes 3-4 technical visits in the selected companies for a quick scan, review of the gathered data, and to root source and cause analysis to support the identification and evaluation of RECP measures. Upon the completion  of  the  action  plan,  the  “hosting”  organization (municipality  or  other  regional  or  local authority), together with UNIDO, presents a certificate of completion at an award ceremony to recognize the efforts of member enterprises investing in environmental initiatives.

Read our RECP Clubs dedicated brochure.

Published on 13/06/2023 inBroşüralar

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