RECP Professional Network and Alumni Event

The meeting took place on 27 March 2024.

Meeting objectives, expected outputs and outcomes

RECP Professional Network and Alumni Event serves as a platform to discuss the significant outcomes of RECP activities in Armenia and within the RECP Armenian professional network – a vibrant community.

Meeting served as an opportunity to summarize success stories, tackle the challenges faced, and introduce the RECP Innovation Center and RECP Professional Network in Armenia which has been established since 2020. This new initiative is being established to provide unparalleled resource efficiency and cleaner production expertise to SMEs, business companies, and offer advisory services as well as capacity development on circular development projects and initiatives. It represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to sustainable development in Armenia.


The meeting gathered alumni and current RECP experts.


The activities related to RECP are part of the Results 2 Component on “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” of the EU-funded EU4Environment Action. These activities aim to:

  • Deliver RECP capacity building and demonstration programs to professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as technical assistance to industries in the adoption of RECP measures, promoting thus a transition to Circular Economy.
  • Promote RECP implementation and scaling up among Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) by extending the national capacity through demonstration audits in selected manufacturing enterprises.
  • Promote RECP and Circular Economy principles and practices based on best international and national experiences.

The Action seeks to improve knowledge, awareness and communication with beneficiaries, and will serve to transfer benefits of RECP through: 1) resource productivity and environmental performance of small and medium companies, 2) an improved quality of products and services, 3) creation of additional economic and environmental benefits, strengthened health and safety conditions for businesses.



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