EU4Environment call: expression of interest to participate in the strategic foresight for Circular Economy in Ukraine

EU4Environment is inviting professionals in the field of Circular Economy, resource efficiency, cleaner production, environmental protection, or industrial policy, as well as institutions working on implementing the green economy concepts in industry to join the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) exploratory foresight exercise on Circular Economy in Ukraine. The foresight process has been initiated by UNIDO in collaboration with the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre of Ukraine (RECP C Ukraine) under the European Union-funded, EU4Environment programme, and with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Deadline for application: 22 November 2023, 18:00 CET

Application form:

Selection criteria: The envisaged experts pool shall cover the main stakeholders responsible for decisions and actions on the modernization/transformation of the industrial sector of the country, covering Ministries, regional and local administrations, universities, research institutions, knowledge-based enterprises, services and advisory business, financial institutions, civil society organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Participation in the strategic foresight exercise

The individual and institutional participation in the foresight process will provide not only a unique chance to become aware of the multidimensional intricacies of Circular Economy within institutions and businesses (both presently and in the future), but it will also help build a common understanding of the policies, regulations, and practical decisions required to embed Circular Economy nationwide.

The selected participants will be involved in two surveys and two expert panels scheduled between 10 November – 20 December 2023 (TBC). The first survey, involving around 100 experts, will focus on gathering knowledge and creative approaches towards the construction of a common vision for Ukraine. This will be based on different scenarios on the development of Circular Economy in the country. The second survey will help elaborate viable and desirable directions to guide the path towards a robust and competitive circular industry.

Subsequently, to define, coordinate, and communicate the results of these surveys, a selected group of around 20 national and international experts will be invited to participate in two online panels where they will discuss the results of the surveys and build consensus. All these efforts will culminate with the design of the envisaged pathway for Circular Economy in Ukraine.

Shaping the future through common visions and actions on Circular Economy

This activity is an opportunity to help the industry sector and Government reach a common vision on the most appropriate procedures for the future of the Ukrainian industry. The foresight covers both medium and long-term transformations and innovations (for the next 5-15 years).

Moreover, current studies indicate the urgent need to pave the way towards a deep transformation of industry in Ukraine to make the country a resilient and competitive partner, both regionally and internationally. Many countries in the world already started such preparations to align their industry to the challenges and opportunities of the future. One robust element that supports industries in these tremendous transformations is the concept of Circular Economy. This entails that production processes are taking place with the full and efficient use of the necessary (and limited) resources. Circular Economy is all about rethinking a production cycle, from raw materials, energy, water, all the way to the final products (making sure everything is reused, recycled, and remanufactured to prevent the generation from waste).


For more information about this call, please contact Ms. Tatiana Chernyavskaya, EU4Environment Manager at UNIDO:

Published on 14/11/2023


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