I-GO Assistant and I-GO Network Launch co-organized with EU4Environment

The workshop on I-GO Assistant and I-GO Network Launch co-organized with EU4Environment took place virtually on 12 May 2022.

Workshop objectives

This virtual workshop aimed to train SMEs supporting organisations in the EECCA region on the I-GO Assistant so that they can most effectively promote it to SMEs. It also provided an opportunity for these organisations to learn more about the I-GO Network, its benefits and how it can support national and regional RECP activities using the example of the I-GO collaboration with the EU4Environment project.

As the workshop also serves as the official launch of the I-GO Assistant for SMEs, it will be followed by a 4–6 month test period, during which the Green Industry Platform and I-GO Network members will actively promote the tool amongst key groups of SMEs and service providers. The main purpose of this test period will be to get feedback from SME users on the functionality of the I-GO Assistant and the usefulness of the tailored selection of resource efficiency knowledge and support services they are directed to.

This workshop will then pave the way for an ongoing I-GO and EU4Environement workshop series for SME supporting organisations to access expert training and insights, as well as actively share their experiences with each other and donors.

Workshop attendees

This I-GO workshop hosted a range of participants working with SMEs, such as business associations, development organisations, government agencies, NGOs, financial institutions and donors.


The I-GO initiative has been developed by the Green Industry Platform to help upscale regional and national Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) efforts. I-GO provides a support structure that aligns the most relevant existing RECP knowledge, training and financing solutions with the everyday operational needs of individual SMEs. The I-GO support structure is based on a unique combination of interactive tools and country and regional level collaboration networks.

A key tool especially designed for SMEs is the I-GO Assistant, a rapid online SME self-assessment and navigation tool. The I-GO Assistant matches an SME to the most relevant RECP knowledge and support services that can help them implement customised recommendations, considering the SME’s RECP status, geographical location, and sector of activity. The I-GO Network has been then developed to improve the transfer of expertise and overall collaboration between SME supporting organisations on a national, regional and global level.

Agenda (English |  Russian)


ჩვენი ყოველთვიური მაცნეს გამოწერის გზით, ინფორმირებული იქნებით უახლოესი ამბების, ანგარიშების და ანალიტიკური მასალების შესახებ.