Greening Small and Medium Enterprises in Azerbaijan

The OECD – one of EU4Environment implementing partners – has been working closely with the Government of Azerbaijan, as well as the state agency Small and Medium Businesses Development Agency (SMBDA) to develop a new online self-assessment tool for SMEs looking for guidance on green practices. The tool, once completed, will provide tailored advice on resource efficiency and improved environmental performance for enterprises, and will provide the government with a valuable source of information about enterprises who are looking to “go green”, while raising awareness about the benefits. It will also connect with the work on Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) currently being undertaken by UNIDO – another implementing partner – under EU4Environment.

Published on 16/09/2020


ჩვენი ყოველთვიური მაცნეს გამოწერის გზით, ინფორმირებული იქნებით უახლოესი ამბების, ანგარიშების და ანალიტიკური მასალების შესახებ.