Legal reforms of the National Environmental Fund – a stepping stone to environmental protection in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is pressing ahead with legal reform to improve spending under its national environmental funding entity. Under the leadership of the Minister of Environment, and with support from EU4Environment, Law 1515/1993 was amended and the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted it in February and March 2022. The amendments to the Law include significant changes and will lay the foundations for further reform of the now renamed National Environmental Fund. This is a milestone that will ensure more funding can go towards environmental protection.

The Fund will now focus exclusively on environmental protection, climate change and sustainable resource management. Data shows that previously around 90% of spending under the Fund went to water supply and sanitation projects. While water and sanitation projects are important, the change in scope under the new Law will ensure that more money can go towards projects with specific environmental protection purposes. Other changes in the Law will help revise the administrative structure of the Fund.

Since its establishment in 2019, EU4Environment has been providing support to the Eastern Partner (EaP) countries with, amongst others, a specific focus on selected national funding entities. The work includes reviewing and strengthening domestic public finance mechanisms that can finance green investments and providing support to setting up new ones. Subsidy reform and improved targeted support for poor and vulnerable households are integrated into this work.

Published on 23/03/2022


ჩვენი ყოველთვიური მაცნეს გამოწერის გზით, ინფორმირებული იქნებით უახლოესი ამბების, ანგარიშების და ანალიტიკური მასალების შესახებ.