Supporting green policies with stronger institutions

Proper institutions and human resources are essential for green transformation. The work on strengthening administrative capacity for environment is being launched in six countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine with the aim of supporting the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries to translate the green policies into realities. It will assess the existing administrative capacity, identify gaps and provide recommendations. It will mainly look into Ministries of Environment as key players of environmental action and Ministries of Economy as the steering force for green economy development.

The project will refer as well to: line Ministries, cross-sectoral dialogue, capacity at different levels (national, regional, municipal) and various target groups to draw a complete picture of the environmental management in the countries. As a result of this conducted work, the policy makers will be better equipped with possible solutions for building stronger institutions and people.

Find our more information: Concept note on administrative capacity project

Published on 15/12/2020


ჩვენი ყოველთვიური მაცნეს გამოწერის გზით, ინფორმირებული იქნებით უახლოესი ამბების, ანგარიშების და ანალიტიკური მასალების შესახებ.